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Retirement Planning

Every individual need funds at various stages in life, so s/he need to build the corpus, whether it is for a child’s education, marriage or retirement savings. One starts to look for investment options to build funds. The simplicity of investment plans will help in offering enough funds to realize your dream and secure your future financially.


What is investment planning ?

Investment planning is the process of matching your financial goals and objectives in the simplest way to build wealth over time with your investment resources. Good Investment planning is needed to have a great financial plan. Insurance companies offer different investment plan options.

Key features and benefits of Investment planning

Key features of Investment Planning

The following features need to be checked before buying investment plans.

  • Before making an investment you need to be sure about where you are investing and how much risk is involved in it.
  • Look for completely transparent investment plans.
  • The main aim of the investment is to gain returns, so you must check the past performance report of the funds where your money will be invested in. This will help you to predict how much returns can be expected. Check their long-term or short-term performance report as per your investment funds.
  • To manage the portfolio a minimal amount will be charged as a commission To ensure that you are not overcharged, you must check how much are you charged. If you are overcharged then you need to know its reason.
  • It is necessary to know about the investment advisory firm’s reputation, as you put your trust and it is essential to know about their claim settlement ratio. Even you are giving your hard-earned money into their hands to utilize on your behalf and to the best of their experience and knowledge.

Benefits of Investment Plans

Wealth Creation: Investment plans are a sure way to build wealth over some time. As an investor, you need to choose the best depending on the risk, returns, and disposal amount to buy a plan. Insurance investment plans will aid you financially for the future requirements of funds for a child’s education, child’s marriage, retirement, pension, etc.

Financial Protection: Investment in life insurance provides life coverage that takes care of the family financially. The policyholder receives the returns with profit at maturity, in case of an unfortunate event, if the policyholder dies before the maturity period, the insurance company will pay the nominee the sum assured.

Death risk coverage: Investment plans by life insurance offer death risk coverage options. In this way, your family’s financial needs are taken care of even in your absence. The sum assured is paid to the nominee, in case of the death of the policy holder.

Retirement Savings: These investment plans can be bought at any given time of life stage. It will create the corpus for the retirement. One can buy and build funds, which can be utilized at the later stage of life. The investors will be financially independent even after retirement.

Save Taxes: Investment plans not only cover the risk but also accumulate the wealth. These plans also help in saving tax as premiums and pay-out are exempted from tax as per sections 80C and 10 (10D) of the Indian Tax act. It is a perfect combination of savings, wealth creation, and financial protection with tax benefits.

Loan Facilitator: Investment plan in life insurance act as a loan facilitator.

Why do you need an Investment plan?

  • A good investment plan secures your future financially.
  • It will help to provide enough funds to fulfil your dream.
  • It acts as a cushion for unforeseen future expenses which may arise in the future.
  • It plays a vital role in the creation of wealth.
  • You can meet financial objectives.
  • You can earn from investment in the form of interest, financial profit, or asset value appreciation.
Investment plan


How does the investment plan work?

An investment plan is an important tool that helps you to reach your financial milestones. You have to identify the goals and the objectives. Whatever goals you have should matched with available financial resources.You need to make a solid investment plan to figure out the choices, that is likely to get you there becomes easier.

How to set your investment goals?

To reach financial success, goal setting is an important step, when it comes to investing. To gain achievable goals you need to create a plan, narrow your focus, and stay motivated along the way. A good investment goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

What are the kind of risks involved in the investment?

There is a different kind of risk involved in the investment.

Inflation is the most basic risk that all investors are exposed to. It depicts the loss of your money’s purchasing power. The investment needs to beat the inflation rate to avoid a loss on the principal invested. Interest rate risk represents that your investment’s value will change. Equity investment in stocks and mutual funds is indirect. Liquidity risk for equity investment is high in the short term and low in the long run.

How long do you plan to invest?

It depends on your financial situation and goals on that basis you should plan to invest in equity mutual fund schemes with an investment horizon vista of at least 5 to 7 years. It is extremely risky to invest in equity as short-term investments.

What are the costs to buy, hold and sell the investment?

There are several costs to buy, hold and sell the investment, which the investor has to bear when buying or selling shares. If you make profits in the stock markets it may be taxable. Some of the most common forms of cost are brokerage charges, stamp duty, securities transaction tax, and other charges.

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