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Birju Acharya has more than 10 years of consistent experience in the equity derivatives market and we are renowned for our capabilities to provide a diverse suite of equity futures and options contracts based on their indices.
Our main focus is to design innovative solutions to meet all our client’s needs and demands.
Mutual Funds
At Birjua Acharya, we professionally manage investment funds and recommend investing in the mutual funds that are best suited to your needs and help you to achieve your financial goal. Manage complete mutual funds portfolio online in one place.
In these precarious times, get the most of your hard-earned money without the risk of losing it by investing in our IPO/bonds/FD that offer you highly competitive interest rates and help you grow consistently over some time.
Model Portfolio
We offer a variety of model portfolios for investors that corresponds with your financial goals and objectives. It provides insight into the ideal sales approach require to capture model-driven fund and ETF assets.
Our stock baskets are carefully designed that help you to allocate your investments across the same sector or multiple sectors. You can save for your child’s education or your early retirement. We add relevant expert-selected stocks, monitor, add or delete them from time to time.
BA Products
Our financial advisor guides you about the markets, economy, and ways to prepare your personalized plan that help you grow and preserve your wealth.
We specialize in providing insurance advisory solutions, through a holistic approach. Our main aim is to furnish enhanced protection at the most feasible terms. In all our attempts, we energize our team to offer the right insurance at a suitable price.
Equity and Derivatives
We offer an extensive range of equity options and derivatives services to mitigate the risks and increase efficiency. Hold more from your investments by trading in equity and derivatives.
Get the benefit of long-term returns through moderate risk-taking and consistent investment strategy with our PMS. Our focus is on quality engagement, for a smaller subset of investors who do not want to keep checking their portfolio now and then and prefer a good night’s sleep over than anything else.
Structure Product
Our tailor-made integrated structure product solutions offer the flexibility to the investors to choose a customized payoff which is a combination of fixed and variable market-linked returns throughout the investment that suit their risk-return objectives with efficient tax planning. It provides efficient diversification to the investment portfolios and enhances the return on investment like equities, fixed income, etc.
Non-convertible debentures are a one-stop solution that constantly instils the investor’s faith in investments with a mix of risk-return and ease of liquidity. They are secure and redeemable bonds issued by a corporation to raise money from the capital market.
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